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Download mobi (for newsletter subscribers only)This story features Maddox and Jack from Deep Under. Although it can be read as a standalone, it will be more enjoyable if you’ve read Deep Under

Maddox awoke with a sudden, sharp alertness, then let himself settle back into contented drowsiness when he recognized the shape of his lover easing into the bed next to him. He nuzzled into Jack’s neck, enjoying the scent he’d missed over the last few weeks.

“Welcome home,” he murmured as he tucked Jack’s larger frame more tightly against his. “How’d it go?”

“You know I can’t tell you anything.”

“Hotshot.” He smiled against the skin of Jack’s neck. Jack never missed an opportunity to rub his exalted position as an FBI agent into Maddox’s face. “Guess I’ll just have to beat it out of you.”

“Mm. I can’t wait for you to try. For now, maybe you could fuck it out of me?”

Yeah, Maddox figured he could do that. He had no idea what time it was. The sky outside their bedroom window was dark. Nothing illuminated the room except the blue charging indicator on his phone and a sliver of moonlight finding its way through the blinds.

He was on first shift tomorrow, but it was worth a bleary-eyed day to welcome Jack home the right way. He rolled Jack onto his back and pinned him, capturing his lips in a deep kiss of reunion. His breath was probably sleep-fuzzed, but Jack knew better than to complain about anything Maddox gave him. He was so compliant, this big hunk of muscled man. It made Maddox want to test his every limit.

He reached past Jack’s head to snap on the bedside lamp, needing to see the face he’d been missing, then jerked backwards at what the light illuminated. “What’d you do to your hair? Did you get your ear pierced?”

The dark-haired, conservative visage of his FeeBee boyfriend had transformed into something more suitable for a rave with sharp spikes of white-tipped blonde hair above a trio of studs in his left ear.

“Like it?” Jack smirked.

“You look like a punk who needs to be taken down.”

“I was hoping that’d be your reaction.” Jack got squirmy under Maddox’s continued regard. “The hair will grow out. The holes will close.”

“I’ve always preferred brunettes,” Maddox admitted. His own hair was about halfway through the blonde spectrum and fucking a guy who looked just like him struck him as not much better than masturbation. “But I can definitely get off on punishing this look.” He tilted his fingers so that his short nails dug into the flesh of Jack’s shoulders. “Leave one of the piercings. I think I’ll buy you something to put in it so you’ll think of me when you’re on assignment.”

“I never stop thinking of you,” Jack breathed.

Maddox hadn’t let up on the press of his fingernails into the tops of Jack’s shoulders. They must be making some nice grooves by now. He curled his fingers tighter, going for blood, relishing the way Jack melted under him in response.

“You want to play?” Jack asked, his eyes hopeful and his cock a rigid length along Maddox’s.

“Tomorrow.” It was something-o-clock in the middle of the night and Jack had traveled from who-knew-where to land in their bed. Tomorrow, he’d take his time working Jack over. For now, he just wanted to love the man he loved.

Jack’s pout complemented the frosted hair and silver jewelry. Maddox leaned down and fastened his mouth over the sexy scowl. He let the full weight of his body pin Jack to the mattress and slid his hips back and forth so their cocks rubbed against each other, a little too much friction to be fully pleasurable for him, but he knew Jack enjoyed the burn, and they’d been too long without being flesh-to-flesh. Rutting felt good even as it got painful.

“Lube,” he said. He didn’t stop the rutting or release Jack’s shoulders from the mattress, requiring Jack to root around in their bedside table blindly as they continued to mouth-wrestle. He felt the tube pressed against his side and shifted back onto his knees to pick it up.

He could see his man better from this position, the full length of him stretching from that ridiculous hairstyle down to where their groins pressed together. Jack was hard the whole way down–a square jaw with a whisper of scruff, a firm chest dusted in hair, a set of visible abs, and of course that cock that Maddox so loved to ignore.

Jack arched, showing himself off, making his abs tighter and longer.

“Gorgeous.” Maddox popped the top on the lube and used it to slick himself up. This was the first relationship he’d been in long enough, and trusting enough, to forgo condoms, and he’d come to love the skin-on-skin sensation of pushing straight into his boyfriend.

He threw the lube onto the bedside table without using any of it on Jack. Yes, Jack would be tight after a three week layoff, and another man might appreciate some extra stretching and lube to compensate, but he knew Jack well enough to know that what he’d appreciate most was a balls-deep, semi-slick, single thrust.

“Shit,” Jack said. His hands, which had been resting lightly on Maddox’s waist, clenched down on his hip bones as their two pelvises slammed into each other. “Shit, Maddox.”

“Mm hmm?” Maddox pulled most of the way out and came back in again, as hard and as fast, relishing the extra tug of Jack’s tighter channel.

“So fucking good,” Jack mumbled. He closed his eyes and sank back into the mattress with the rhythm of Maddox’s thrusts. His hands drifted down onto his own body, one rubbing up and down along his chest, strumming over his nipple, the other finding its way to his cock.

Maddox didn’t stop him. Sometimes he batted Jack’s hands away, forcing him to wait for whatever Maddox chose, or didn’t choose, to give him, but sometimes he enjoyed watching his lover please himself, and the new ear piercings combined with the way Jack was pinching his nipples were starting to give him ideas.

“Enough,” he said to Jack. “This is me fucking you, not you jerking off.”

Jack immediately removed his hands and opened his eyes. He smiled up at Maddox and used one of his hands to trace along Maddox’s jaw.

Maddox felt his orgasm rise up from the back of his balls. He considered telling Jack he could touch himself again, but the thought of not telling him that, knowing how hot Jack must be after their long time apart, triggered his release. He poured himself into his lover, his hips stuttering to a halt as sensation overtook movement.

Jack still smiled at him with those adoring eyes.

“You love when I get off on your body, don’t you?”

He nodded, and Maddox dipped down to kiss him before pulling his cock free.

“Don’t touch your dick,” he warned as he bounced himself off the bed and went to wash up. He came back into the bedroom to find Jack exactly where he’d been left, his knees bent with his feet on the bed and his arms by his sides, the sheet down around the foot of the bed where it’d been kicked. Maddox shoved Jack’s legs wider so he could get a look at the dripping hole he’d just fucked.

“You look nice fucked, babe.”

“You look nice fucking me.”

“Missed you.”

“Yeah.” Jack gave a happy sigh like he was tired and satisfied, even though his cock stood ramrod straight, so hard it didn’t quite touch his stomach.

Maddox rotated him onto his side and snuggled up behind him. He tugged the covers over them, then wrapped his arm around his lover’s waist, his hand coming to rest on that hot and sturdy rod of flesh. He slid his hand around it, clenching it tight enough that he could feel Jack’s pulse beat through it, and pressed himself closer into Jack’s back. God, he loved this man.


It’d only been three days since he’d last come, but it felt like three weeks. Jack wasn’t forbidden from jerking off when he was on a job–they didn’t play hard with chastity that way–but he’d been awfully busy those last two days and there’d been something sweet about waiting until he got home and could come with Maddox’s body touching his.

That wasn’t what had happened, of course, because Maddox was a sadist and leaving Jack hungry was one of his best tricks. Maddox had said they weren’t going to play last night, but what was that if not playing? Jack had spent the rest of the night in some form of hard–hard as hell to start, still kinda hard as he drifted off, then straight back to God-I’m-hard when they both woke up to the alarm on Maddox’s phone.

He kept his hands off his dick as he watched Maddox get ready for work, but he pushed the sheets down so Maddox would see it there, just in case he wanted to do anything about it. What Maddox did was slap it lightly with a stern “wait for me” warning before leaning over to kiss him goodbye.

Jack stroked his cock as he listened to the apartment door click shut. He wouldn’t get himself off because he’d been told not to, but a soothing hand was harmless enough. Except, fuck, it was the farthest thing from soothing or harmless. It was downright tortuous. All he could think about was the evening to come and that devious look Maddox had had in his eyes while fucking him the night before. Maddox had something in mind, and it was going to be good.

Jack took his hand off his hungry dick and rolled over, willing himself back to sleep so he’d have the strength to endure whatever Maddox had in store for him.


A ten-hour shift had never felt so long, but at least Maddox had managed to wrangle the next few days off. He’d learned to take his time with Jack when he could get it. Tonight would be a play night, which his cock had spent most of the day anticipating, but they’d get their loving time in there somewhere too.

Early on, it’d been weird, figuring out what to do with each other in between play dates. He couldn’t whale on Jack every night, not if he wanted him sane and healthy, and sometimes a day of patrolling drained all the urge towards violence right out of him. The things he saw …

They’d had to feel their way through learning to be tender with each other, to enjoy sex without the ceremony of a scene. Not that the sex ever got all-the-way vanilla. Maddox couldn’t help it if Jack’s balls were his favorite squeeze toy or if there was just something about denying Jack an orgasm that made his own that much better. Sometimes he wanted to watch his lover explode, sure, but sometimes he wanted to fall asleep with his hand wrapped around a hard dick. Was that so wrong?

Maddox’s tastes might be a little out of the ordinary, but he’d found the guy who turned out-of-the-ordinary into extraordinary. They didn’t use the word love a lot, but it was there. It was in the texts they exchanged while Jack was on assignment. It was in the mornings Maddox got up to find the snow already cleared off his squad car. It was in the kisses that didn’t lead to sex, in the curve of their bodies around each other while they slept. And it was in that brown paper bag sitting next to him on the front seat.

Yeah, tonight was going to be good.


“Use your colors if you need them,” Maddox said as he cuffed Jack’s hands to the chair. “This is new.”

If Jack hadn’t already been hard, that would have done it. Whatever new game Maddox had in mind, it was edgy enough that they were talking safewords.

“Green, green, green.”

“You say that now.” Maddox moved around to the front of the chair. “We’ll see what you’re saying in a few minutes.” He dropped down on one knee and took Jack’s cock in his mouth. Jack’s breath caught somewhere between a laugh and moan.

“Yeah, still green,” he managed.

Maddox popped his cock free. “Need you good and turned on.” He slid his tongue down and around Jack’s balls, then back up his shaft and over, sucking Jack back into his mouth.

“I’m good and turned on,” Jack confirmed. “Too turned on. Shit. Yellow.” It’d been so long and he needed it so bad.

Maddox laughed. “Don’t be a quitter. You can take it.”

Jack gritted his teeth and took it, the overwhelmingly pleasurable sensation of Maddox’s mouth sliding up and down his shaft heightened when Maddox brought a hand up to his nipple and pinched hard.

“Seriously, seriously yellow,” Jack warned. His nipples got so sensitive when he was turned on, like they were made up of misplaced cock tissue.

Maddox stopped going down on him and stood up. “OK,” he said, staring down at Jack with a contemplative look. “Let’s do this with a plug.”

“OK.” He didn’t know what “this” was, but he was good with having a plug in to do it. He watched as Maddox stepped over to the toy chest at the foot of their bed and came back with a cone-shaped plug. Fuck. That one was a doozy, but at least Maddox was applying lube to it and they’d messed around the night before.

“Upsy daisy,” Maddox said, slapping him on the thigh.

Jack pushed up with his legs to raise his ass as high off the seat as he could get it, considering that his wrists were fastened to the chair, and Maddox slid the toy underneath him.

“Down you go,” Maddox said. He pulled Jack’s cheeks apart and lined the tip of the plug up with his hole and Jack allowed gravity to take him slowly and inescapably down until the widest flare was through and his sphincter snapped tight around the base.

So invasive, this inanimate, unavoidable, impossible-to-ignore object he’d willingly impaled himself on. It wasn’t as long as Maddox’s cock, but it was way, way wider and the stretch through his sphincter and the press against his perineum had him eager for whatever came next. Which was apparently a set of nipple clamps.

“Nice,” Maddox said as he stepped back to survey the results. A pair of clover clamps hung from Jack’s nipples, the chain that connected them swinging freely between his pecs. The clamps weren’t very tight yet, but an ache ran from his nipples down to the plug in his ass, then surged back up through the tip of his cock like an electrical pulse.

Maddox kneeled down and took Jack’s cock back in his mouth and wow, OK, he’d thought that particular form of torture was done for the evening, but apparently Maddox had really meant it when he said he wanted Jack turned on.

As Maddox worked his dick over, he tugged on the chain, tightening the clamps until pain burned through Jack’s nipples like fire. The pain was good, good in that way that only pain could be good, enough to have him hovering right on the edge. He ground his ass down on the plug, rocking a little, the three spots of pleasure blurring together until they formed a single, enveloping ball of luxurious pleasure-pain.

Maddox gave a particularly sharp tug on the chain, making Jack gasp from the shock that ran through him. He didn’t know if he was about to come or about to call red–the line was so hazy and he was so close to it–but then Maddox released the chain and stood up. He removed both clamps, releasing a different kind of pain as feeling throbbed back into blood-deprived flesh. He went over to the dresser where he’d left a brown paper bag and turned back to Jack with a handful of small plastic packets.

“Needles,” Maddox said. “Play piercing.” He opened one of the sterile packets and held a needle up for Jack to see. It gleamed, wet with antiseptic, sharp-tipped and malevolent. “Green?”

“So green.”

There hadn’t been anything erotic about the pain that had accompanied his ear piercings, but those had been done with a gun by a woman in a white coat and blue hair on a stool alongside a mall kiosk. Maddox with a needle was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen.

Maddox swabbed both nipples with an antiseptic pad, the square of wet paper scraping over his flesh like a premonition, then opened a fresh package and raised the needle it contained. He held it between them so that they looked at each other through the anticipation of it.

Jack’s eyes followed the needle as Maddox touched it to his right nipple, its tip a pinprick, a single nearly-painless spot. He was captivated by the dimple it made, but when nothing else happened he raised his eyes to Maddox’s again. Maddox met them with a sadistic gleam as the needle pierced his flesh–sharp, unrelenting, vicious.

A bolt of sexual pleasure shot through him, straight to his cock which spasmed and nearly burst. A single drop of come trickled down his shaft as he fought to hold back the orgasm that had been triggered.

Maddox grabbed Jack by the face and yanked him forward, locking their mouths together, swallowing down the breaths that were too hard to take, stealing what little oxygen he had, eating up the whimpers Jack fed him. All the while, Maddox’s fingers toyed with the needle he’d inserted, sparking fresh waves of pain and pleasure.

Jack wrenched his head back, needing a clear breath, and Maddox let him go. They bent their heads together, crowns touching, and stared down at the needle, at the way it ran straight through from one side to the other without regard for Jack’s flesh, both of them entranced by the drops of blood clinging to each side of it, red and thick and heavy with symbolism.

Maddox leaned down and licked over the nipple, taking the blood as tribute and leaving behind a fresh sting. He straightened and picked up another packet, eyeing Jack speculatively as he opened it.

“Green,” Jack confirmed, knowing what his Master needed from him. He just hoped he could hold back the flood this time. It’d been a close thing the last time and now that Maddox had a needle in him, he was absolutely predatory, the sadistic blaze burning so bright Jack could feel it like a lick of fire against his skin.

Maddox pierced him slowly this time, his eyes flickering between the invasive press of sharpened point through parting flesh and Jack’s face. When the tip of the needle disappeared into his nipple, they both sucked in a breath. It was like the moment when Maddox’s cock pierced him, a taking and an owning. The needle didn’t stop, no more than Maddox’s cock did. It drilled deeper into him, every millimeter an intoxicating medley of pleasure and pain.

Jack wanted, almost, to close his eyes, the sight too gorgeous, the sensations too overwhelming. His cock panged with lustful need, the drips of pre-come forming a string that hung long and tenuous, extending past his line of vision, dropping down towards the floor beneath him.

Again, Maddox leaned forward to flick his tongue across the blood that oozed from the wounds he’d caused.

“You shouldn’t,” Jack said. It was a deeper level of intimacy, this sharing of his blood.

“There’s no part of you I don’t want.”

“You might hurt yourself.”

“Not as much as I’ll hurt you.” Maddox went back to licking and sucking at his nipples, alternating between them, using his fingers to toy with the needle in one as his teeth worried at the other.

He sat back on his heels and picked up another of the individually wrapped packets. His eyes were hazy, Jack noted. Dom-space had taken him. Jack was so caught up in appreciating the effects of his own surrender that he was slow to ask himself the crucial question: where did Maddox plan to stick that needle he was unwrapping.

“Maddox?” he asked, when he saw where his lover’s gaze was focused. “Are you going to …”

“Yeah.” Maddox ran his tongue around Jack’s cock head and then laved roughly up and down the sensitive spot beneath it. Jack wanted to squirm away from his touch. It was a little sensitive, that spot, and he was so turned on already. The pleasure felt like pain, a different sensation than pain that felt like pleasure. It took all his will to keep his hips still in trembling obedience as Maddox continued to focus on only that small square of nerve endings.

He was panting, and then he was whimpering–small pained sounds escaping from between his gritted teeth. Maddox would know this was hurting him, would be enjoying that it was hurting him, and that awareness broke through Jack’s defenses in a way the needle hadn’t.

“Please,” he begged. These sharp flicks of rough pleasure were unbearable. He bore them only for Maddox, afraid he’d cave and call red and wanting so much to give his man everything. “Please!”

Maddox lifted his head. “I should never have given you permission to talk,” he joked, reminding Jack of the silence Maddox had enforced on him during their first few encounters. “I used to be able to torture you so much longer when you couldn’t seduce me with your pretty words.”

“Torture me,” Jack offered, caving instantly. “I want you to. I want to bear it for you.”

Maddox smiled and went back to what he’d been doing, but now he added his fingers to the mix, using them to crush Jack’s balls or fiddle with the needles that pierced his aching nipples. And Jack just let him. His orgasm neared and receded, receded and neared, the pleasure and the pain and the power Maddox had over him mixing into a homogenous mass of yearning agony.

Finally Maddox lifted his head and picked up the packet again. He broke the seal and extracted the needle. He laid it on top of the packaging and opened an antiseptic wipe. With two fingers, he pinched the skin he’d been licking.

“Oh, fuck.” Jack understood now where the next needle was going–right through the most sensitive spot on his body.

“Yeah,” Maddox agreed, his voice soft and dreamy, like driving a needle through Jack’s frenulum was the most romantic gesture he could imagine making.

Jack whimpered, hopelessly aroused by his lover’s cruelty and the anticipation of sharp, sweet pain. He watched Maddox’s movements–as precise as his expression was hazy–as Maddox swabbed the head of his dick and then raised the needle to meet the pinch of skin. He thrust it abruptly, ruthlessly through.

The stab of pain, unlike anything Jack had ever felt, was more stimulus than his body could endure. He came without warning, spurts of come shooting into the air and raining down over the needle in his dick. Three blasts, like rockets, and then Maddox’s gentle pumps–his fist brushing up against and bumping the piercing–milked a few more dribbles free.

“I fucking like the way that looks,” Maddox said, his voice awed. “Maybe we should get you pierced.”

“Only if you’re the one doing it.” He’d just come, but if he spent too much time looking down at the needles decorating his body, the ones his Master had placed there, he could be ready to go again. They were unquestionably hot.

“You still green?” Maddox asked.

“You going to put in more?” He had a feeling they’d hurt in a different way if his dick wasn’t hard.

“Nah, just enjoy them while I do this.” Maddox stood and brought his cock up to Jack’s mouth and Jack opened to let him push it in. Maddox’s fingers toyed with the needles in his nipples, and it did hurt, but that was OK. If playing with the needles gave Maddox a zing anything like the zing Jack had gotten when they’d been inserted, he wanted Maddox to have it.

Maddox was well-gone, because he came quickly, his hands grabbing at Jack’s shoulders for steadiness as he pumped his seed down Jack’s throat. He lowered himself onto Jack’s lap, laughing a little. He was smaller than Jack, but not by much.

“Need a minute,” he said.

“Take whatever you want.” Jack nuzzled into his neck, helpless to do more with his hands still fastened to his sides but wanting the closeness and the contact.

“I should get you out of these,” Maddox said at last. He withdrew the needles first, applying a fresh round of antiseptic–which stung like hell–to each wound after he pulled the needle from it, then he freed Jack’s hands.

Jack went straight for his dick.

“Going to be OK?” Maddox asked with a frown of concern.

“Yeah, might need to go easy on it for a few days.”

“Hey, I’m not usually the one touching your dick. That’s all you.”

“This was all part of your plan, wasn’t it?” Jack imagined a few frustrating days of his dick being too sore to touch, and of Maddox fucking him through it anyway. God, he loved this man.

“It’s good to have you home,” Maddox said.

Jack moved into his arms. Their soft, soggy dicks bumped against each other. “I hate being away from you,” he confessed. He used to love the always-something-new, nomadic nature of his job, but it grated now.

“It’s not forever. Fifteen, twenty years, you’ll retire.”

“Will you still be here in twenty years?”

“Where else would I be? There’s only one of you out there for me, Jack. I’m sticking with him.”

Jack plucked Maddox’s left hand from where it rested on his hip and ran his thumb over the ring finger. “Do you think we could …?” He didn’t want to be the one to ask, but his eyes begged Maddox to understand.

Maddox twisted his free hand into Jack’s hair and used it to drive him down to his knees. “You want to spend the rest of your life on your knees to me, Jack? Is that what you’re asking?”

“Oh, God, Maddox. Yes.”

“Then that’s what we’ll do.”


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