Under Cover

Download mobi (for newsletter subscribers only)This story features Jack and Maddox from Deep Under. Although it can be read as a standalone, it will be more enjoyable if you’ve read Deep Under. Please use the Jack&Maddox tag to see all Jack & Maddox epilogues.

Maddox watched the video, his cock rising lazily in response to it as Jack finished toweling off. Jack tossed the towel into the hamper and gave him a hopeful look.

“No point getting dressed,” he confirmed. He was still naked himself, stretched out in bed with his head elevated to see his tablet. On the screen, a dark-skinned twink was getting fucked by a light-skinned bear with a full beard and impressive guns. Maddox’s attention was mainly on the bottom, who was nowhere near as hot as his own big, masc, thoroughly submissive guy, but he did have something that’d been attracting his attention of late.

“What are you watching?” Jack lay down next to him, curling into him and hooking his chin over his shoulder to see the screen. Maddox knew the exact moment he noticed the cage on the twink’s dick, because he went very still and his cock, which had been floppy-but-interested a moment ago, started trying to drill a hole through his thigh. Continue reading

A Heart for Him, chapter 5

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Content warning: this story contains adult incest

Nor woke with a jolt, his eyes gritty, his mind caught in the remnants of a nightmare. He jerked upright, flooded with a fear he couldn’t identify the reason for until his empty arms supplied the answer. Whatever he’d been dreaming about, the reality was worse. Toby was pregnant, he was the father, and now Toby was gone. Continue reading

Lollipop, Lollipop

Ari scrolled through the menus on the screen hanging high on his bedroom wall, keeping one eye on the man next to him as he did. Joel was chewing on his thumb, showing more interest in it than in which program Ari chose, even though it’d been his idea to put something on. They were in matching foam chairs, low to the floor, Joel’s the same bright blue as his eyes, Ari’s a forest green that didn’t match his own brown eyes at all, and Ari could’ve reached right over and touched him except they were only friends and that would be weird. Continue reading

A Heart for Him, chapter 4

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Content warning: this story contains adult incest

“I don’t understand it.” Mama didn’t just seem confused. She seemed worried. Nor wished he could  reassure her that Toby was fine without giving away their secret, but he couldn’t. “You’ve always been so healthy.”

“I still am,” Toby insisted. “Don’t I look healthy?” he appealed to the table. No one could deny it. If anything, he looked healthier than ever, his fur glossier, his eyes brighter, an extra fullness to his face and some padding on his hips, as if he’d grown the rest of the way up in the month since they’d been back from up north. Nor had never been very good at keeping his eyes off his little brother, but now it was impossible. Continue reading

Watch Me Watch You

“So he’s just going to watch?” The man, call him Marcus (Kevin was vague on his name because it hardly mattered) stood with his arms crossed and a guarded expression on his face. He had a nice physique, big and burly and toned, his skin a glowing amber brown and his eyes dark with suspicion. “That’s it?”

“That’s it,” Petey confirmed.

“You’re not going to tie him up or nothing?”

“No need to. He knows his place, don’t you, sweetie?” Petey blew a kiss in his direction. Continue reading

Watch Me Watch You Download

Cover shows a man peeking through his fingers

Does M/M cuckolding exist? It does now. Watch through Kevin’s eyes as his boyfriend gets serviced by a better man. All Kevin can do is clean up the aftermath.


Cuckolding is a kink where a man is “forced” to watch his partner turn to someone else for sexual gratification because of his own supposed inadequacy as a lover. It’s BDSM-adjacent and is a form of humiliation-based role playing. This story will not be enjoyable for those who view consensual non-monogamy as cheating or who don’t enjoy erotic humiliation.

A Heart for Him, chapter 3

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Content warning: this story contains adult incest

Nor didn’t know whether to thank the weather gods or to curse them. There’d been no lightning since the night Toby crawled into his bed seeking comfort and offering pleasure in return. Storms of that magnitude were rare in Scottsdale, which meant there was no reason for Toby to come again. Nor had told him as much, using his best alpha voice to be sure he was obeyed—told him that what they’d done together was wrong and dangerous.

If only he could believe it himself. Continue reading

Pledging Allegiance download

Cover for Pleding Allegiance features a ping pong paddle

Last year, Blake was getting all the love and torture he needed from his boyfriend and frat brother, Vadim, on a daily basis, but now Vadim has graduated and moved off-campus, leaving Blake craving more than just an occasional weekend spanking. When he seeks out punishment from another source, Vadim makes him pay for his betrayal with some CBT.

Content warning: includes harsh cock-and-ball torture. Not for everyone!