Coming in 2020 from Tanya Chris

2020 begins as the year of the omega, but it doesn’t end that way, so whether or not you enjoy omegaverse stories, I’ve got something good in store for you.

On January 14th, I’m releasing a collection of the first three stories in my Omega Reimagined series. There’s nothing new in there, but if you haven’t read all three novellas yet, this is a great way to catch up and get ready for what’s coming next. The Omega Reimagined world is a non-MPREG omegaverse which, over the course of six books, follows the Northern Pack in its fight for omega rights. Each book features a different, non-standard take on being an omega while also celebrating some of the things that make alpha/omega dynamics so fun, like heat, knotting, hurt/comfort, and toppy power exchange.

The fourth book in the series, Omega Returned, will release on February 11th. Omega Returned is M/M/M with an alpha/beta/omega triad. Owen, Keesh, and Fortis are making their way across the continent together on a sad mission to deliver Owen to his Western Pack father, but along the way they find something better for Owen than an inglorious return to the palace he was raised in.

Omega Replaced is scheduled for a March release. The fifth book in the series is alpha/alpha. Back in book three, we saw that an omega doesn’t always need an alpha. Now, we see that an alpha doesn’t always need an omega. But Donovan, a Southern Pack alpha, has some growing to do before he can accept himself and become as tolerant as North Leland is toward relationships of all types.

In April, the series concludes with Omega Redeemed, in which an omega sex worker and a law enforcement alpha make a better pairing than you might expect. The novella offers not just a satisfying resolution for Quoitrel and Daisy but for the Northern Pack as a whole. If you’ve been waiting for a certain someone to get what’s coming to him—this is it.

Now we move on to something other than omegas. Like… vampires? In May, I’ll be part of a charity anthology of romance stories about vampires falling in love at work. Yep, these vampires have day jobs. Well, night jobs. The anthology will release on May 1st in celebration of International Workers Day, and my vampire drives a truck.

As we move later into the year, I have to be vaguer. Some of the books I know I’ll be releasing, even if I can’t be specific about dates yet are:

Aiming High: set at the 2020 Summer Olympics, this book features two rock climbers competing against each other and an international slate of athletes at the first-ever Olympics to include sport climbing

Manners & Mannerisms (redux): at some point in the late summer, I’ll have an audio version of Manners & Mannerisms recorded by the amazing Joel Leslie

Kitchen Sink Dom: in the first book of a new BDSM series called Hell’s Bedroom, a police detective goes undercover to search for a missing sub and ends up exploring his own kinks with the help of a service top. There are three books in this series, and I anticipate releasing all of them in 2020

There might also be a historical and a fantasy, depending on how productive I manage to be (and also depending on whether any new plot bunnies attack between now and then), and I hope to get out a T. M. Chris release, although I’m not sure yet what kink I’ll be dabbling in this time. If you’ve got a request, drop it in the comments.

So, as usual, I’ve got a little bit of everything: BDSM, vanilla, contemporary, paranormal, historical. Whatever your tastes, I hope you’ll find something to enjoy.


  1. I can’t wait for the new BDSM series called Hell’s Bedroom !!!
    Seems you have scheduled quite a workload, Tanya, which is great news for us readers.
    Thank you for your books and have a wonderful holiday season

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