Happy Birthday to Three Times As Good

Cover for Three Times As Good shows three identical young men

A friend of mine on Twitter used to post a lot of pictures of the Patriota twins. If you don’t know who they are, and you like the idea of twincest, do yourself a favor and look them up. Two super hot, identical guys who don’t mind being very affectionate on camera. They’re so good at it, you really do wonder.

A lot of people shake their heads at incest, which is certainly their right. It’s a sometimes-kink for me. As long as everyone is of age and consenting (and keeping in mind that these people aren’t real), I enjoy the extra level of dirty/wrong and also the idea of an attraction so impossible to resist that it can overcome such a strong taboo.

But it is taboo, and Amazon doesn’t like it, so I resisted the lure for quite a while, merely dipping an uncommitted toe into the water with Same Sex in which the two MCs look identical but are only distantly related. Then the idea of combining M/M/M with twincest came to me. Triplecest. I think I wrote Three Times As Good because I was in love with the word triplecest. My phone auto-completes it now.

These days, I’m in the middle of a brocest story that includes MPREG—another thing I said I’d never write. So I should stop saying what I’m never going to write, because apparently I’m just challenging the plot bunny brigade to figure out how to change my mind.

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