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Date (mm/dd/yy)Content TypeDescription
1/14/19now availableOmega Reimagined volume 1
1/6/19free storyUnder Cover Jack and Maddox enjoy a session of orgasm denial
12/28/19blog postComing in 2020 from Tanya Chris
12/14/19for authorsIn which Iím jealous of your ability to not be jealous
12/12/19now availableTamed
12/4/19signed paperbacksSigned paperbacks are available for order in December
12/2/19free storyA Heart for Him, chapter 5 continuation of the alpha/omega brocest story
11/22/19blog postThatís (not) My Guy!
11/20/19origin storyHappy Birthday to Three Times As Good
11/7/19now availableManners & Mannerisms
10/30/19free storyLollipop, Lollipop Ari and Joel don't need to go to a lollipop party to have fun
10/28/19origin storyHappy Birthday to Trained
10/15/19recommended readMarrying for Money - a Rich Guys Roundup
10/17/19for authorsWhy Amazon Sometimes Screws Up (and how to deal with it)
10/22/19free storyA Heart for Him, chapter 4 continuation of the alpha/omega brocest story
10/15/19recommended readMen Who Love to Hate Ė An Enemies-to-Lovers Roundup
10/7/19origin storyHappy Birthday to Among Heroes
9/9/19blog postAuthor Interviews (All About Me)
9/3/19now availableHim Improvement
8/30/19free storyWatch Me Watch You M/M cuckolding erotica
8/28/19blog postThe Lost Joy of Used Bookstores
8/18/19free storyA Heart for Him, chapter 3 continuation of the alpha/omega brocest story
8/17/19now availableFighting Chances
8/7/19blog postA Case of Mistaken Identity
8/1/19origin storyHappy Birthday to Aftershock
6/27/19now availableAftermath
6/25/19blog postTanya's Tips for Taking Better Dick Pics
6/22/19origin storyHappy Birthday to Locked
6/18/19free storyPledging Allegiance a CBT story featuring Blake and Vadim from Pledged
6/16/19for authorsSurviving Feedback: A Primer for Sensitive Writers
6/7/19blog postThe Trevor Project and The Laramie Project
6/5/19free storyA Heart for Him, chapter 2 continuation of this alpha/omega brocest love story
5/14/19origin storyHappy Birthday to Aftercare
5/11/19for authorsScintillating Similes
5/7/19origin storyHappy Birthday to You, Me & Her
4/18/19now availableForget I Told You
4/2/19free storyHere, Cutie, Cutie an M/M firefighter story
3/28/19blog postKill the Parents (in romance too)
3/25/19origin storyHappy Birthday to High Lonesome
3/20/19for authorsHow To Be a Good Beta Writer
2/22/19for authorsHelpful Word Hacks for Writers
2/21/19now availableOmega Released
2/4/19origin storyHappy Birthday to Omega Revealed
1/31/19free storyA Heart for Him Toby's surprise first heat will have to be handled by his brother (surprisingly romantic)
1/29/19recommended readOmega by DJ Heart
1/22/19blog postA World I Can Change
1/2/19free storyCity Slick an M/M cowboy story
12/28/18origin storyHappy Birthday to Mine
12/18/18free storyInterview With a T-Rex laugh out loud at this shapeshifting vampire dinosaur M/M/M parody
12/12/18recommended readBDSM Roundup - My Favorite Reads
11/30/18for authorsPantsing your plot: the gin rummy method
11/16/18origin storyHappy Birthday to Giving Chances
11/15/18free storySame Sex are Kalin and Brady long lost twins or just dopplegangers?
11/13/18now availableTrained
11/6/18now availableThree Times As Good
10/30/18for authorsWhat do readers want?
10/24/18origin storyHappy Birthday to Omega Reclaimed
10/22/18blog postGRL recap and your chance to play along
10/9/18recommended readHide and Keep
10/2/18now availableAmong Heroes
9/15/18origin storyHappy Birthday to Predestination Unknown
9/11/18free storyMmm-Pain M/f story for nipple torture aficianados
8/29/18blog postOh, those alpha males
8/16/18for authorsAuthor rank & realistic earnings expectations
8/14/18now availableAftershock
8/6/18free storyAll the Way Under Jack and Maddox experiment with sounding in this BDSM follow-up to Deep Under
7/30/18blog postHappy Ever After
7/28/18for authorsSo you want to write a romance
7/22/18origin storyHappy Birthday to Pledged
6/27/18origin storyHappy Birthday to My Guys
6/26/18now availableLocked by T. M. Chris
6/8/18site updateARC Policy
6/5/18release scheduleWhat's Next from Tanya Chris
6/1/18free storyHis Boy Alex a chastity story told in the form of blog entries - start from first entry and keep clicking to go to the next
5/29/18origin storyHappy Birthday to Merge Ahead
5/22/18for authorsBackups for Writers
5/15/18now availableYou, Me & Her
5/5/18blog postThe State of MMF
5/5/18site updatePrivacy Policy

5/4/18recommended readHis Boy Next Door by R. J. Moray
4/24/18free storyThe New Guy Gannon wants Elliott wants Mike wants Gannon. Go around once or twice with three hot men
4/3/18now availableHigh Lonesome
3/27/18blog postWho Am I?
3/21/18origin storyHappy Birthday to Deep Under
3/13/18free storyDemi-Love Sara thinks it's about time her BF and his BFF took it to the next level
2/21/18blog postThe Ethics of Kindle Unlimited
2/13/18now availableOmega Revealed
1/30/18origin storyHappy Birthday to When It All Falls Down
1/23/18free storyOne Man's Hell Even Satan deserves a soulmate
1/18/18for authorsSimple eBook formatting using Word
1/9/18now availableMine
1/3/18origin storyHappy Birthday to Owned
12/27/17blog postA Woman Like Amanda, A Woman Like Me
12/19/17free storyAnytime, Anyplace One jock, one geek. Not what you think
12/5/17for authorsPiracy Sanity Check
11/20/17recommended readTo Love and To Cherish by Addison Albright
11/9/17blog postIn Praise of Male Subs
10/31/17free storyFully Integrated (Will & Adam)
10/3/17now availablePredestination Unknown
9/26/17for authorsNew Release Checklist
8/15/17now availablePledged (T. M. Chris)
7/29/17free storyAfter the Haircut (Lissie & Nate)
7/29/17for authorsCan you change the pen name for a published work?
5/25/17blog postA Promise to My Readers

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